Harness the power of local community

With EmpowerLocal, brands and retailers can experience the power of grassroots marketing without sacrificing scale or efficiency.

Your close-to-home media network

Get one-stop access to America’s most trusted local media environments. Did you know:

  • Local media commands 2X more trust and engagement than national media
  • 85% of retail spending still happens within a 5 mile radius of home
  • Consumers are 50% more likely to buy from a brand after seeing it advertised on their favorite local site

Dynamic ad experiences tailored to location, content category, weather signals, proximity to local events, and more.

Bridging the brand
& local divide

Local media offers a “close to home” connection brands crave. But buying local at scale comes with challenges:

  • Badly fragmented local media landscape
  • Lack of transparent audience data
  • Inability to localize messaging at scale
  • Inefficient local media rate cards
  • No easy way to vet and verify quality sites

Simple, scalable, measurable results

EmpowerLocal combines the ease of programmatic buying with the quality and impact of grassroots campaigns.
Now you can:

  • Organize your custom local media network
  • Target audiences with contextual, first-party data
  • Deliver dynamic, localized ad experiences
  • Access efficient, pre-negotiated rates
  • Ensure 100% brand-safe delivery

Put your brand in the center of relevant local content

EmpowerLocal and Flipp partner to connect retailers & brands with local communities!