Flipp partners with EmpowerLocal to help retailers connect with local audiences through their community news publishers

EmpowerLocal and Flipp collaborate to assist retailers in engaging with local audiences via connecting with their community news publishers. 

April 2024 | Nashville, TN

A decline in print has left many retailers and brands struggling to reach people where they live and shop, and millions of Americans are struggling to access the valuable savings and promotional content they depend upon. Recognizing this need, EmpowerLocal and Flipp have become partners to tackle this challenge together. 

EmpowerLocal has been working to organize stronger, more robust local media systems that allow big brand ad dollars to be invested back into local communities. Flipp’s mission is to help shoppers provide for their families, by making life more affordable and being the most trusted digital merchandising engine. 

By partnering with EmpowerLocal, Flipp is able to help retailers connect with local publishers and audiences, enabling a bridge for those who are looking to be a part of the analog-to-digital transition. By partnering with EmpowerLocal we’re able to highlight the important connection between local news and local shopping. We’re excited and proud to be able to help retailers and brands connect with their audiences while providing relevant local offers and savings to our users.” said Garrett Royds, Senior Vice President – Business Development & Partnerships, Flipp. 

About the Partnership:

EmpowerLocal will be Flipp’s partner for local news media, operating in all 50 states in the US. This partnership is poised to make positive change nationwide, leveraging the relevance of local newspapers in delivering content to the highly engaged and in context shoppers that utilize Flipp’s services.

Reinvesting in independent and locally-focused publishing networks has historically been a challenge for many brands due to its fragmented unscalable nature, but now has been an area of focus to help bridge this divide. “Our platform provides publishers with an immediate lift in digital ad revenue by serving as a conduit to today’s most attractive retail and brand advertising deals,” said Steven Buhrman, EmpowerLocal CEO. “EmpowerLocal is proud to partner with Flipp in the shared mission to create, curate and distribute consumer savings to millions of local shoppers every day.”

“The increased cost of living has made access to promotional and savings incredibly important and has never been as necessary as it is today for many Americans. This partnership serves as an opportunity to better support both shoppers and local retailers,” said Royds. 

About Flipp:

Founded in 2007, Flipp is a technology platform that is reinventing the way people plan their weekly shopping trip. The largest retailers and brands in North America use the Flipp Platform to create, curate and distribute digital merchandising and savings content to highly-engaged shoppers every day. Millions of shoppers across North America use Flipp as their primary weekly shopping tool to decide what to buy and where to buy. On average, Flipp helps shoppers save $45 on their weekly groceries, home improvement goods, electronics, pharmacy, apparel, pets supplies and more. For more information, visit corp.flipp.com and follow @getflipp on social media.

About EmpowerLocal:

Meet EmpowerLocal – the first digital ad network exclusively for local publishers. Founded by veteran marketers and local media entrepreneurs in 2020, EmpowerLocal represents hundreds of local community news, sports, and lifestyle publications from coast to coast. Through a combination of partnerships and innovative technology, EmpowerLocal is spearheading new pathways for brands & retailers to invest in
grassroots community media while benefiting from high impact ad experiences that connect authentically with local readers. For more information visit empowerlocal.com or contact hello@empowerlocal.com.