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Big brand advertisers want to be locally relevant but they lack a scalable way to buy trusted local channels. Local publishers have the local audiences big brands desire but they lack the scale and resources to sell to them. EmpowerLocal gives publishers a platform to partner with big brands; while giving brands an easy, data-driven way to buy local media.

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Empower Local enables your business to work with leading brands to get their message out. 

Brands need to reach people in your community, and you are their trusted source. Work with leading brands to engage your readers and followers via your website, email newsletter and social feeds.

As a local publisher you care about one thing: profitably serving and growing your community. EmpowerLocal is your suite of tools to identify partnership opportunities, increase user engagement, and earn more revenue doing what you love.

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Want to leverage the fastest way to get your audience to engage? Video ads will step up your game

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Capture the attention of your audience with more than just a photo. Video advertisements bring a lively element to your page to create a visual an auditory experience that is sure to keep them watching

Harness the Experience
Video ads allow you to tell the whole story to your audience by thoughtfully building upon the brand story. Videos convey more than just your words, you’ll be able to capture your unique tone and point of view to drive viewers to your CTA.

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