Personalization Engine

Gain insight into your reader’s preferences, build your email list, and receive higher content engagement.

Want to know more about your readers? Allow users to create a login and select interest categories. This feature will order the user’s content around their preferences, providing a quality user experience that will improve your engagement and grow your email list.

It builds your email list without a subscription model.

The Personalization Engine gives readers an added incentive for providing their email addresses, allowing you to reach users with targeted offers and content in future newsletters.

It increases your engagement.

When readers see what they care about first, they’re likely to engage with the content at a higher rate, improve key metrics that are important to local and national advertisers.

It’s easy to use.

The login tool is the portal your users will use to create a profile, choose their interests and login when they return. First, enter your API key below. If you do not have an API key, click the blue link next to the field for instructions on how to get one. Activate the login by selecting it from the drop-down, choose your button colors, and then click Save Changes. Once you’ve completed the Login Tool Setup, you can use the shortcodes below to place it into your site.

Need help deciding where to place these snippets? Let us help! Contact Us.

  • Shortcode Placement
    Place the Login Tool into your site wherever you’d like using the shortcode below. You can place the Login Tool on multiple sites, but only 1 per page.
  • Email List Integration (MailChimp)
    You can connect the Personalization Engine to your MailChimp account to send email newsletters to your users with content that they choose. Add your MailChimp API key, and Audience ID below to connect this feature.


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