Earn more with leading brands

EmpowerLocal: Where publishers collaborate with 
leading brands and national/global buyers find an easy, data-driven platform to invest in local media.

It’s time to reinvest
in local communities

Meet the first digital ad platform created exclusively to serve, champion, 
and empower local publishers. Our mission is to invest in a 
healthier, more robust local media ecosystem by redirecting brand ad dollars back to local communities like yours.

$100 billion problem worth solving

National and multi-local brands are spending $100+ billion 
annually on locally-focused, digital advertising yet hardly any 
of this goes to local media. So what’s the problem?

  • Fragmented local media landscape
  • Low volume media gets ignored (understandably)
  • Lack of transparent audience data
  • No easy way to vet and qualify local publications
  • Inability to deploy complex, multi-local campaigns at scale

Why publishers love our ads

As a local publisher you care about one thing: profitably serving & growing your community. Now you can:

Leading Brands & Retailers

Always tasteful, appropriate, and 100% brand safe

Relevant, Reader-friendly Ads

Engaging, locally-relevant ad experiences

Unbeatable Rates

3-5x+ better payouts than traditional programmatic


We’re committed to delivering a “win-win-win” for publishers, brands, and readers with ad experiences that look good, feel good, and connect authentically with local audiences.

EmpowerLocal and Flipp partner to connect retailers & brands with local communities!